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Concrete Mixing Plant Maintenance in Autumn and Winter



Concrete mixing plant performance and efficiency is a big constraints factor in progress of works. To ensure the project efficient and order, and ensure normal work of concrete mixing plant, we should do well the maintenance work of concrete mixing plant.
Check before use: check the automatic holding device of air compressor is reliable, the air pressure is stable; check each electric installation is safe and reliable, each action switch of limit switch is flexible and reliable; check the joint blot of mixer host blades is fastness; check water pump abstraction is enough, and the pipeline is smooth; bunker gate and cement delivery gate is flexible and reliable; check each lubricating point and reducer have enough lubricating oil.
Maintenance after use: Cleaning the concrete mixer inside and outside, material deposit on the door and rinse completely; release of gas in the air compressor air storage tank and water; add the lubrication oil in each lubrication points, especially at the shaft seal, must not be omitted; in winter, release completely the liquid of water pipeline; all switches in non-working condition after the outage, and cut off the power supply. Check the belt tension and make the appropriate adjustments; check the wear of blades, liners; check the upper and lower racks, silos, inclined belt conveyor components such as bolts are firmly connected, foundation is sinking; check the screw conveyor has clots and debris, if having, clear away.
Periodic check and maintenance: Check mixing tank within residues concrete of condensation situation, if has condensation should down for eradication (should cut power and specially care), check mixing blades and lining plate clearance, if not unsuited for adjustment; check the electric components have damaged phenomenon, if necessary, repair or replaced, check the wiring is loose; check lubricant quality and liquid surface height of reducer, if necessary, raise or replaced; check the water absorption bottom valve of water system is reliable; check gas circuit system is leak, cylinder action is reliable; screwed open blockage, check the shaft seal, tighten up the blockage if without exception.