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How to Build Concrete Mixing Plant?

First, the concrete mixing plant host and feed batching system should be based on the project schedule, concrete total amount, daily dosage of concrete indicators configurations to meet the maximum daily dosage is appropriate concrete; aconcrete mixer and aggregate batcher can be a production line system; general engineering can only set one production line, larger and important projects should be set up two production lines, arranged side by side, in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project; one project can set only one mixing station, each partition can also be set mixing station, or Grouped together with a large amount of concrete mixing plant transport vehicles; specific to the actual situation.

Secondly, sand, stone yard area should be large enough to meet the required engineering consuming, and can facilitate the organization of the feed supplement; gravel piled partition, to prevent mixing of concrete caused by grading allowed; equipped with loaders, gravel were neatly stacked; venue to harden for easy loading trucks loading and prevents dirt and other debris into the material inside.

Thirdly, a concrete mixing plant with 1-2 pools, must be able to guarantee the required concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning. A production line equipped with at least two compatible cement silos, preferably three, take turns using replenish to meet production needs without making concrete cement backlog. Large volume and pumping concrete normally take with fly ash and admixture , according to the scene were placed, to facilitate the use.

Finally, as for transporting the finished concrete way, you can choose concrete pump mode. The method of transport in order to meet the transport distance and height, and is based on the supply of concrete, usually arranged in a blender before pouring pump tube connected to ground; also can be arranged in close proximity to pouring place, with concrete delivery vehicles to the pump.

Above are a few points of layout, and the remaining concrete mixing station components can be assembled according to production needs to establish.