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How to Choose Concrete Batching Plants?

Types of concrete batching plant equipment are more and more. How to choose a suitable concrete mixing plant?
1. The scale of production, according to the number of annual production to select concrete mixing plants.
2. To produce high-quality concrete, it is necessary to select the reliable production equipment.
3. According to the size of the construction site to determine the production capacity of the concrete mixing equipment.
4. Mainly from the advanced nature of the equipment, reliability, excellent and versatile aspects to consider.
5. Twin shaft concrete mixer mixing quality is good, strong overload capacity, discharge without segregation, high production efficiency, able to adapt to a variety of performance concrete mixing, concrete mixing equipment commonly use compulsory concrete mixer.
6. Cost performance.
7. Full pursuit of the device technical performance is unwise, unnecessary investment will increase, but only to the pursuit of low investment and reduce equipment performance will increase in the cost of use, this practice is not advisable.