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How to Improve The Quality of Concrete Mixing Plant?

Customers are more focused on appearance quality of concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant equipment working nature of its surface quality of product will not repair very ornate, concrete mixing plant equipment more emphasis on the protection of surface coatings, decorative function in a secondary position. But with domestic enterprises in line with international markets, to enhance the market competitiveness and development space, domestic machinery manufacturers also have increased comprehensive quality improvement and new product development, with particular emphasis on appearance quality improvement of product quality.
Furthermore is the user in the process before cleaning the machine, defective parts filling with putty, do some good protection that not be required to paint. In the machinery industry in China, because the sheet quality problems, this operation is essential. Supporting good companies choose to paint an important standard, and there is also the environmental protection requirement.
Concrete mixing plant industry in China at present is the lack of awareness of paint management, which requires paint manufacturers respond positively. Coating is a high skill work, paint alone was great, beware of the paint viscosity, temperature, and other factors, also testing out whether timely sense of fullness and glossiness of the film also has a great impact. Construction of two-component paint some inconveniences, but on such critical performance in corrosion resistance is significantly higher than one-component paint. Paint is used between primer and paint, this requires that it is firmly attached to the primer on the surface and can be easily combined with surface paint coating on top of, plays an important role in connecting. Painted in addition to good adhesion and bonding with its bumps up and down, also should have filled in, to remove the coated surface holes, lines and so on, to improve the entire coating decorative of concrete mixing plant.