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Matters Needing Attention of HZS25 Concrete Mixing Plant Foundation Construction

1, Basic level of HZS25 concrete mixing plant must use a spirit level and hyper-flat instrument, due to uneven foundation shall not be liable for the damage caused.
2. Under the drawings of small HZS25 concrete mixing plant iron-prepare embedded iron, embedded iron dimensions shall not tamper, if needs change must notify site technical staff, provide written proof;
3. Requested that the HZS25 concrete mixing plant need to lay the bar-mat reinforcement and steel anchor hooks, and they shall not be less than required by the drawing size; infrastructure needed to dig depth and width shall not be less than required by the drawing size;
4. According to technical requirements of small HZS25 concrete mixing plants set out the line, found a benchmark size error between the two base cannot be greater than 50mm, use lime to sub out the infrastructure of the central location and the size of the mining base coverage;
5. When digging foundations, made of steel or wood chunks centerline position in the reserve base, marking requirements clear, two embedded in the same base rail center line position on the same line, deviation shall not be more than 20mm;
6. Before pouring is completed, embedded iron must be kept above ground level and parallel to the adjacent embedded iron levels, and without torsion angle, off center.