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Matters the Small Concrete Pump Truck Work


In a small concrete pump truck work, in particular attention must be carried out strictly in accordance with the construction requirements to ensure construction quality. So what areas need to pay attention to in actual construction job? Unique will introduce as follow:
1. The concrete uses plug-in vibrator and plate vibrator pouring. After pouring, it must be vibrated dense, vibration time of 15 to 30 seconds to start the pan concrete slurry and not fizzy prevail. Before the initial setting of concrete, in the pouring junction and columns, walls, stairs and the bottom surface of the bottom wall of the transfer of part of the secondary vibration with a plate vibrator, improving crack resistance of concrete. After the concrete vibration, surface treatment before the initial setting of the concrete. Bricklaying class organization after concrete pouring, close the water before the initial setting time, with polished wooden mold compaction, to close the water cracks.
2. According to design requirements to ensure the basement reinforced protective layer thickness, and definitely not a negative error.
3. After the final setting of concrete should be immediately watering curing, curing time of not less than seven days. During the curing concrete floor to keep the surface layer of protective film of water. Form removal specimen is with the same conditions for the conservation of the floor structure.