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What Should Do About Maintenance of Concrete Mixing Plant?

1. Reducer and Motor rollers should work according to the use instructions of the applicable provisions.
2. Agitators, aggregate belt machine, feeding belt conveyor, concrete batching machines, screw conveyor bearings, apply a grease gun to oil before the daily power, and fill with grease in 5-8, check every 200 hours apart, replace them with new grease.
3. Transmission gear of concrete mixer should be applied the butter a little bit before work every day.
4. Open the transmission chain cover once a week, and apply a small amount of grease in the chain, every 300 hours clean the chain of concrete mixing plant at a time.
5. Cleaning of the belt and tensioning of belt feeder screw at a time and apply new grease once a week.
6, After each class work end, will clean mixed material saving in the warehouse, cut total power; open roof cover of blender, check tight solid situation of mixing arm and leaves pulp, found nut loose should immediately screwed tight, so as not to leaves pulp off caused accident; cleaning or clear equipment in the throughout by stick attached of material, so as not to material bond hardened, effect equipment of normal using.
7. The cover plate of concrete mixer cylinders damaged to be repaired in a timely manner, so as to avoid material flying out to injure somebody.
8. Sectional maintenance of electrical equipments.