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Mixing plant load test


     Commercial mixing plant commissioning work mainly composed of four parts: commissioning preparation work unit commissioning, machine load test, the whole load trial run. The following is a detailed description of each part:
1, mixing plant commissioning preparation work
Commodity mixing plant part with the main models introduced device debugging, check the following components:
(1) Check the various parts of the fastening reliable connection, especially to check the mixing blades in the concrete mixer and stir shaft connecting bolts are tightened, the new machine should be re-tighten the check again.
(2) Check the lubrication of the various parts, to ensure the lubrication point lubricant (grease), the gear box and electric drum oil level is within the requirements.
(3) Check the console and electrical cabinets connected to each connector wrong Access bobble.
After completion of the above checks into the commissioning phase.
2, Concrete mixing unit debugging
Setting interlock between the various parts of the electronic control system, the unit commissioning must be carried out in accordance with the following order: mix Belt Conveyor (unloading belt conveyor) → mixer → original aggregate belt conveyor belt conveyor (feeding) → pellets screw conveyor → gas system → governor → the belt weighing → powder spiral scale water supply systems. In conjunction with the commissioning of mechanical systems, observe the direction of the motor. Motor reversal or with the provisions of the steering different take down phase approach to make it True Story.
3, mixing plant load test
Unit debug everything is normal, then the load test, and after first manually. Machine load test following boot sequence: air compressor → mixer → original aggregate belt conveyor belt conveyor → mix cement screw conveyor governor spiral machine →pellet the belt weighing → powder Electronic spiral scales machine → water supply system.
4, Concrete Mixing whole load commissioning
   Everything is normal load test, load test, and automatically after the first manual, the first unit load trial run, after the whole load commissioning.