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Self Loading Driving type Concrete Mixer Maintain


First, the automatic feeding tank should be maintained. After each time concrete is transported  the tank must be cleaned, it is necessary to know that concrete is the most easily bonded to the steel.

Second, when transporting concrete , the tank should be 2~5r/min, if long distance delivery , before discharging , should roating tank 5~8r, make the concrete inside mixed uniform again.

Third, the maximum limit of the concrete can not be higher than the maximum volume of the tank, because the density of the concrete grade is different, its density is also different, the high-strength concrete is generally dense, the same volume, loaded more will damage tank. The capacity, quality and slump of the concrete to be conveyed shall be in accordance with the provisions in the vehicle's instruction manual and the lubricant shall be filled in time.

Fourth, when the self loading mixer been parked in the open air,  should rotate the mixing drum to deflect the discharge before the filling, and let the water in the cement tank be discharged to ensure the quality of the concrete.