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The composition and working principle of aggregate batching machine in a concrete mixing station


 The composition and working principle of aggregate batching machine in a concrete mixing station

In a complete set of concrete mixing plant equipment, the need for multiple components of multiple systems work together in coordination to achieve the automation of concrete, high efficiency, pre-mixing. Several systems correspond to the specific equipment is concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, screw conveyor, cement warehouse, control room and control system and a variety of ancillary equipment components. Concrete batching machine, also known as grading system, plays an important role in the entire mixing plant. Its functions include the storage of aggregates and the metering and conveying of aggregates.
The composition of concrete batching machines mainly include storage hoppers, silo frames, aggregate weighing systems and belt conveyors. The number of storage hopper will vary according to the size of the model, there are three warehouse and four warehouse. A weighing hopper is arranged below the storage hopper for measuring the gravel aggregate. The lower part of the aggregate bin has a material inlet through the pneumatic butterfly valve to control the switch, the aggregate falls from the silo to the weighing hopper to be weighed, and then through the belt conveyor to weighed good aggregate transported to the concrete mixer waiting bin , Until the other material ratio is completed, into the mixer to start mixing. The whole process can have the overall control of the control system.
For concrete batching machines, the accuracy of aggregate metering is paramount, as it relates to the quality and characteristics of the final concrete. So regular or regular weighing system for overhaul and calibration.