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Construction machinery city, Xingyang Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer


     Both rural and urban building process, concrete play an essential role. Now we always say “Reinforced concrete” cities.

    If small house building, a small concrete mixer can fit capacity requirement, while to a large and high building, to road and bridge projects, they need large amount of concrete, then have to use a concrete mixing plant. To a concrete plant, what is the core part? Yes, concrete mixer. 99% of concrete mixing plant, equipped with twin shaft mixers, no matter oversea and domestic markets. Twin shaft mixer relay on its fast mix speed and large capacity, and low failure rate, the most important is the particle size can be as large as 80mm.

   If you are a manufacturer of concrete mixing plant, you can buy our twin shaft mixer to equip. if you are end user, then you can buy our concrete mixing plan with twin shaft mixer, if you already have a used plant, then you can buy our twin shaft mixer to reply the original one. Various capacities for you to make choice.