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Construction machinery city, Xingyang Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

When you feel we are more expensive


When you feel we are more expensive

When you buy something, you must care about the price, and when the price is over your expectation, you must say, ”wow, you’re so expensive!” But as we all know, no seller will give you goods without profit, when the price is very low, you should think why other people gives you higher price and they give you so cheap? Not becoz they have less profit, just becoz they decrease the quality.
I met a customer yesterday, she need the diesel concrete mixer with pum, we all know the price for diesel motor would be higher than it is for electrical motor. Not suprisely, she said, ” you’re more expensive than others, why should I choose you?” when I quoted to her. God knows that I have gave her the promotion price already.
The business rules is “win-win”, seller got the profit, and you got discount. So never think that you’re the only one winner. That kind of business won’t keep long time. What I’m saying, when you choose some supplier, you should never keep your eyes on the price, one coin will only bring you one coin goods.
If you suspecion why we give you price high price than others, you should come to our factory and see our project overseas, that will be the answer!
This is our last news in 2017, so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!