Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer(JS1000-JS4000)

  • Discharge volume: 1000-4000L
  • Charging volume: 1600-6000L

  • Theoretical capacity: ≥100m3
  • Aggregate sizes: ≤60/80mm

  • Mixing Motor Model: Y25M-4

  • Mixing Speed: 23.1r/min

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■ Description

Description of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer(JS1000-JS4000):

This kind concrete mixer is compulsory twin shafts concrete mixer, which is composed of feeding system(belt conveyor), discharging system, water supply system and electrical system and mainly used to produce commodity concrete, such as hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, various mortars, etc. This concrete mixer manily used for belt conveyor concrete batching plant.


■ Features

Features of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer(JS1000-JS4000):
1. Longer Life : adopt the high hardness Mn- steel to produce the liner and blade and it can bearing 80,000.00~100,000.00 times working cycle ;  
2. More Effective: With the new screw type blade, technician people join all of the blade as a whole mixer union to make the mixing system more steady and efficiency , it save 5~8 second each mixer cycle . 
3. Economy:  it can save your more power, electrical , and manpower when you produce the concrete . 
4. Green Initiative: UNIQUE designing can provide your the Green Initiative working place. 
5. The height of discharge is 1.5m, 2.7m or 3.8m(or as user's requirement)

■ Parameters

The parameters of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer(JS1000-JS4000):

Model JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
Discharging capacity 1000L 1500L 2000L 3000L 4000L
Charging capacity 1600L 2250L 3000L 4500L 6000L
Productivity ≥60m3/h ≥90m3/h ≥120m3/h ≥180m3/h ≥240m3/h

Maximum size of Aggregate 


<60/80 <40/60 <80/100 <80/100 <80/100
Mixing blade

Speed of 

mixing drum

32r/min 30r/min 25r/min 22r/min 20r/min
Quantity 2×7 2×8 2×8 2×9 2x10
Mixing motor

Model Y180M-4 Y180-4 Y200L-4 Y225S-43 Y250M-4
Power 2X18.5kw 2X30kw 2X37kw 2X55kw 2X75
Total Weight kg 5200 5800 7500 9200 12200 

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